An integrated healthcare
delivery solution addressing
social and medical risks.

HMBL Beginnings...

We started HMBL to provide organizations and communities with a source for targeted expertise when working with patients from medically underserved or disenfranchised communities. HMBL is the result of more than 30 years of clinical practice and 20 years of developing strategies, tools and staffing models designed to improve health outcomes, return value to stakeholders while working with the most high risk and costly populations engaging health and social service systems. We endeavor to translate the lessons from our HMBL beginnings into benefits for clients, patients and communities.

Ms. Espinosa's Story

Ms. Espinosa is the owner of a mobile kitchen—she feeds construction workers early morning to evening, she is the primary caregiver to her two grandchildren, who help her prepare the mobile kitchen food until late in the evening each day.

Ms. Espinosa has visited the emergency department 6 times this month for what she calls a “rough cough.”

Ms. Espinosa continues to use the emergency department because she believes it is a convenient way to get treatment for her cough without affecting her ability to cook food for her mobile kitchen and care for her grandchildren.

Household-centered Care℠

Household-centered Care℠ is a response to the reality that the care of a patient must consider the needs, conditions and assets of each member of the patient’s household. Therefore, HMBL views the household as the smallest unit of care.

Delivery of household-centered care℠ involves the strategic dispatching of care teams that include a combination of a lay health worker, a Physician Assistant or a Behavioral Therapist. Their workflows are guided by our LifeOs platform which also supports patients’ self-management activities.

1. Rapid Health & Social Risk Assessment

HMBL identifies Ms. Espinosa’s social risk early and dispatches a team to her home or mobile kitchen.

2. LifeOS

HMBL connects her family to our virtual support platform LifeOS.

3. Trusted Networks

HMBL links her family to community resources that are approariate and have a reputation for high quality service.

4. Resilience

HMBL’s integrated high-tech, high-touch approach will build patient resilience—or a combination of health literacy and social stability that translates to durable value for healthcare providers and employers.

Who can benefit from HMBL's services?

If you are implementing strategies that are effective, but they are not reaching patients who would benefit the most. If you are already screening patients for the social determinants of health but are unable to provide effective care coordination services once the patient returns home. If you are recognizing significant regression in patients’ health values between office visits, HMBL can help. Some key performace indicators we can address:

So, what is LifeOS?

LifeOS is a technology solution for post-discharge longitudinal management of patients’ health & social needs.

SDOH Assessment

Understand your patients’ longitudinal social risk trends.

Care Team Workflow Management

Identify which patients need high touch services and how urgently they need them.

Education Modules

Patients can educate themselves about topics such as health, social service, prevention and many more.

Trusted Networks

No more blind referrals, learn what patients are saying about local social resources.

Healthcare Delivery Organizations

We have designed an approach that is flexible enough to amplify those strategies your healthcare organization is implementing successfully, as well as install strategies that you may need to achieve key performance indicators.

Health Plans & Employee Benefit Programs

We can provide targeted services to high risk and hard to reach populations that are covered by your health plan or employee benefits program. Let HMBL help you extend value-added services to your patients or employees’ homes.

The Team

Luther G. Brewster, Jr., PHD

Chief Executive Officer

Pedro J. Greer, Jr., MD

Chief Medical Officer

Norberto Menendez

Chief Technology Officer